Our philosophy

These are the general lines of the principles that we use as guidelines for our activities:

Nature conservancy and education: All the activities that we promote and organize strive to preserve the environment, to educate the local communities and to improve their standard of life, facilitating the interaction between the tourists and the local people and promoting the exchange of experiences.

We believe that ecotourism should be socially responsible, we want to create the conditions for local organizations and families to transform they reality. We believe in  solidarity and mutual help for the development of the local economies and projects. The people who work with us find this job as the best alternative to improve their life standards but also they fell respected, and feel part of a project with social vision. Our guides are our partners, and that includes the community of Piñan, San Clemente and Junin, among others.

We believe that “small is beautiful”, our company is small, small means personal service. Through these years we have made many clients our friends and they are still. Personal service is possible only when those who run the company are the direct operators.

Our trips are active and with emphasis on outdoors, adventure sports and culture. We believe that Ecuador is the ideal scenery for this concept.

Better deep than rush. We are not a company of beaten track trips. We want to show you the real Ecuador and that means that we go deep into the areas that we visit.